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sty 04 2008 "SEX - afera in Poland"
Samoobrona. Batch not the same as another's. It looks like this batch have their own right's.
Envoy, Łyżwiński, person quite old, and Andrzej Lepper, these two persons are taking partake in this afair. It's about alleged rape. Woman named Krawczyk allage she was raped. Łyżwiński has a process , Lepper throw away his from the batch. I think that Łyżwiński are quilty, but Krawczyk didn'd know with who she has children, so something is not correct. What ? This know only Łyżwiński, Lepper and Krawczyk.
sty 03 2008 Euro 2012 in Poland
When I watch programs on TVN 24 thinking about "What are these stupid people saying ?" They only talk about "lustracja" and what is Lech Kaczyński doing. I think it's very foolish becouse true problems are stadions for Euro 2012. They don't think enough about this problem. When it in 18.04.07 in welsh Cardif executive committee UEFA it has polish candidacy is the best in ours country to set in hapiness and grest enthusiasm. Every polish politicans, responsible for preparation EURO 2012, promised that they succesful finished everything preparatins on time. Now, when grest enthusiasm has dropped we should begin every works mainly structure of stadium if we want finished alls arrangement on next Europa Fotball Cup. But ours politicians don't do crucial things for Poland - they charge each other and show each other their mistakes without looking at their own mistakes. However, after all we can find positive results works polish politicans. First of all, I think that our road infrastructure develop very good. Every day when we was driving by the city we can see endless works who's make ours road better. That is why I'am of good cheer and I hope that everything preparations on EURO 2012 succesful finished on time.
Every day I watch ours ,,fantastic'' political world on TVP3. It's very interesting but I don't like any politican. My favourite politican is Donald Tusk. My family voted for Law and Justice think it is very silly. My favourite ruling party is Civil Platform. They to work for the good of one's country. In future I want vote for them. I like watching polish lower house because it's very funny. I don't like Jacek Kurski and Roman Giertych but theirs speech are very funny. I like watcoh it. In my opinion nobody a coalition government is good. Only Civil  Platform to strive for the common good. I am only 16 years old and I hope when I be adult ours political word be recast.
Schengen Agreement is agreement which derestrict with passage between european countries. It has 22 members
include Poland which join in 21 december 2007 with another 8 coutries. Island and Norway aren't members but
adhere to Nordic Passport Union that is associate with Schengen group. In nearly future, in 1 november 2008,
Liechtenstein and Switzerland will accede to Schengen group. Bulgaria and Romania as letest will join in 2011
Cyprus, I don' t know why, will sign the agreement in 2009 though it join in European Union in this same time
as Poland. Vatican is interested in sign Schengen Agreement but negotiations are still away from end.
Every day, when I am watching TV, I am seeing politics. It's very bad. Why ?. It's very simple because our politics are meddling to EVERYTHING, the same as church ! All of this people are still talking about spy in their houses and their alleges " I am overhearing". That's ill. Our president Lech Kaczyński, are making very bad political, for our country. Every Europe country are laughing of us, they dub him "Potato". Small , dig human who is governing Poland. What he is going to do with Poland. I think that he become a president thanks to "moher" grandmothers. He want to earn ? NO ! He want to stole our money ! That's why he become a president. He are thinking that he is so clever , and poles are so stupid. He miscalculate. Donald Tusk, boss of PO (Platforma Obywatelska- Civil Platform) , I don't think that he is so good but he is not so "funny". I think, that after PO victory in election, our reputation on international arena will be better.